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Civil Engineering Society brings off many social welfare projects as well as events related to the department annually. The importance of these projects towards the department itself and the society is inscrutable. All these events provide a push to strengthen the bond among the students of the Civil Engineering Department while enriching their skills which in return execute a huge social service.

Community Services


The project “Suhastha” is annually conducted with the scope of helping the underprivileged schools in Sri Lanka.


“Piyaman” is a sensational project organized with the intention of building and maintaining “Aranya Senasana” (Buddhist forest monastery).

Meth Mihira

The project “Meth Mihira” is planned with the purpose of bringing about a marvellous experience at least for a single day, for some differently-abled children.


Civil Padura

This event provides a good platform for the Civil Engineering students to manifest their talents in music, dancing and drama. The breathtaking performances of the students in each level, lecturers and instructors add a livelier blush to “Civil Padura”.

Pirith Ceremony

Annual “Pirith” chanting ceremony is organized to have blessings from Triple Gem for a successful, healthy, sanctifying year ahead for the university community.


Level 2 students organise this splendid event to welcome the newly arrived batch to the department.

Civil Talks

A series of guest lectures and panel discussions is arranged under this significant event.

Civil Ape Awurudu

Civil Engineering Society coordinates this event in relation to the Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festival.

Civil Nite

“Civil Nite” is organized to welcome back the level 3 students from their industrial training. Here amazing performances are showcased by level 4 students as well as by level 3 students.

Civil Cric Fiesta

Civil Engineering Society of University of Moratuwa organizes this annual Cricket tournament creating a ground to transcend the usual activities, to exhibit the sports skills of Civil Engineering students.

Skill-up With CES

Civil Engineering Society of University of Moratuwa initiated “SKILL-UP WITH CES-Webinar Series” as a new event in 2021 for the undergraduates to meet the professionals and discover more along curious topics in the field…


Spaghetti Bridge Competition

This is an intra-university competition conducted to select the best three groups (6 members in each) to be participated in the Spaghetti bridge competition organized by IESL, representing the University of Moratuwa.

INSEE-IESL Concrete Mix Design Competition

Best teams from the University of Moratuwa for concrete mix designing are selected to compete at the inter-university competition organized by INSEE company to find the best concrete mixture